Monday, April 14, 2008


So, my bean class was lots of fun...for me at least. I think I talked too fast and too quiet, but I sure learned a lot! This was one of my experiments: pressure canning dried beans. They turned out quite delicious and sodium free! I also enjoy making homemade refried beans that are fat-free. Have you taken a look at the back of your canned beans? Yikes! We learned about soaking, cooking, freezing, and eating; using bean flour and mashed beans--did you know mashed white beans can replace shortening in baked goods? We had a cake made with this substitution and it was delicious! (I also tried this with Snickerdoodles that called for one cup of shortening--they poofed up instead of getting crisp, but were still edible. No, you cannot use beans to butter your pans.) I made black bean fudge and there was a sandwich spread with garbanzo beans from another lady. I have an entire packet of information and recipes put together with the help of some ladies in the ward. It is too much to retype it, but I can scan-and-email, so if anyone is interested in how to use your bean storage, let me know and I'll send it to you.