Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shame on Me!

I know it! Thanksgiving came and went without so much as a recipe posted on my blog. So here it is, for all future generations, the must-haves, the tradition of traditions, our Thanksgiving Menu:

Mashed Potatoes (some chunks and some skin)
Gravy (from the drippings)
Mary's Cranberry Relish (I love this so much, I make myself enough to last six months and freeze it. Husband tells the kids not to eat it alone, only on turkey, or ham, or chicken, or whatever is on your plate. Are you kidding? I spoon it up like applesauce.)
Cauliflower Piquant (Mmm, mouth is watering...)
Sweet Potatoes (WITH marshmallows)
Stuffing (Stovetop--hey, it's tradition!)
Rolls (usually purchased, these don't matter much until the next day when it's time for sandwiches)
Pumpkin Pie (not my favorite, but necessary)
Apple Pie (in the brown paper bag--MY favorite--makes me want to sing)
Lemon Meringue Pie (one of my assignments this year and I should have taken a picture, it was right purty!)
Barb's Raspberry Jello with Pretzel Crust dessert (actually a must have at every family get together, she struck gold on that one)

I know this probably sounds exactly like everyone else's, but certain parts of it are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for furthering the happiness of mankind (here at our house).

Hmmm, did I miss anything? Okay, now I'm wondering why we've never done a pecan pie, that is one of Husband's favorites...leave it to me. I will fix everything.

Your turn. Let's hear what it is you can't do without on Thanksgiving or Christmas or for that matter your birthday ( I love how traditions revolve around food in my head--they do in yours also, right?)