Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blessing Dress

Being a woman, I claim the privilege to change my mind at any point in time, for any reason I deem worthy. Therefore, I am blogging again. This didn't fit into the category for either my garden blog or my recipes, but for the sake of those who missed out on my baby's blessing day, here is her dress:
The bunny detail on the skirt:

And the bodice:

Now for the story:
When my oldest child, now five and three quarters of a year old, was just having her first birthday, I decided to learn a little hand embroidery. So, of course, I sought out something extremely difficult-looking to start with. (Wasn't that a grand idea?)
After reading up on all the different stitches, and purchasing needed items and materials, I began. Seven months later, and an estimated total of twenty hours of tedious needlework, I had two embroidered pieces of cloth. I placed them in a ziploc bag where they would be clean until I could finish them into a dress. Then I was pregnant again. Now, I am the last person to use pregnancy as any kind of an excuse, so I'll just say I was waiting...
When my second daughter was just having her first birthday, I was unpacking from a move and found my hard work in a ziploc bag. I decided it was time. I bought a pattern and cut around the embroidery, size two, in case it took me a while. (Then I was pregnant again.)
We'll skip the part where I had a little boy and move on to a week before we blessed our third daughter.
I want to be lazy and let her wear one of her sister's dresses, and then am convinced that this will cause fighting at some point in someone's life and decide I'd better get a move on and make her a dress, and the only white material in the house is...embroidered!
Now we'll skip the part where my mom's old serger was broken and she had to buy me a new one because there were only four days left.
So, I readjust the fabric pieces, cutting them out in 0-3 months and sew like mad to get it done. Wasn't that a lovely story? I knew you'd like it. The big girls got new dresses, too, but they were done months ago after Aunt Sara donated patterns and leftover wedding materials from one of her sisters...Thanks Aunt Sara!
The End (I felt like it needed that.)


Emma "The Hoochie" said...

i love it your are Amazing i love you so much !!!!

The Felix Family said...

Wow! That looks great. You have every talent I wish I had! I need some lessons on all you can do!

The Estes Family said...

that is beautiful!! You are so talented!!

Toni Dee! said...

Great story -and beautiful classic dress. That sounds like me and tatting only I gave up and there's no ressurecting it! Glad one of us finished what we started and so so so glad you had a third baby girl to give that treasured heirloom too. (oh and I'm glad you're back bloging . . . I missed you)