Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soup Month -- Days 7 & 8

Last night we had Christmas Eve Clam chowder (found here), only better. Yep, Better! We used this stuff:

Clamless clam chowder, and it was good. No chewy chewy chewy chewy. Clam juice is found at the same place as clams and costs the same as two cans of chewy chewy, so what are you waiting for? Finally, we can completely enjoy one of my favorite soups without my least favorite component!

Tonight is going to be a good memory. When my second daughter was born, the best neighbors on Earth brought us dinner. They are angels in the flesh and not just because of the good stew! Sherrie told me to put a bunch of veggies in a pot (which I remember to be bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and maybe green beans), then cook them with a can of beef broth. Heat up some frozen meatballs and toss them in. Then we ate it on rice. Not an actual soup, but a lot like beef stew, and SOOOO good!

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